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We develop and manufacture high pressure components and systems since 1976.

Due to the relatively small market size, there are relatively few companies in the world that deal with the high-pressure technology, and even less to develop creative new components.

One focus we have placed in the production of durable components for high pressure machines. 1985 we have been the worlds first company which designed pressure intesnifiers with large volume for hydroforming technology. Our hydroforming high pressure relief valves are world standard.

In the sector of valves and fittings we are world leaders. We have introduced, as first company in the world, the material 1.4548 (15-5 PH) as a standard material for fittings and valves, as well as our patented 120 ° fittings, which in turn brought a leap in quality compared to the 60 ° fittings.

For almost all new high pressure technologies of the last 30 years we have designed the prototype or the components of the prototype.

One focus in high pressure systems, we have set in the areas Autofrettage systems, hydroforming systems, isostatic presses, high pressure test facilities, ultra high pressure homogenizer and custom pressure systems.

E.g. for decades our autofrettage systems operate  with operating pressures up to 16.000 bar.

In the course of those activities we have developed a variety of devices wich is tailored to the specific needs of these techniques.

As a service for our customers, we perform pressure tests, burst tests and autofrettage components.

We place great importance on the reliability of our components and systems, so we ask for special attention of our security recommendations.